Odor-Aid Gear Sanitizer

That repulsive smell that comes from boxing gloves, a gym bag or workout shoes is more than just an annoyance.

Sportswear and equipment are a breeding ground for harmful, odour-causing bacteria. The combination of sweat, dirt and other substances lead to bacterial growth, mold and fungi which can ultimately lead to infection and illness once they’ve entered the body. Even the most minor cuts and abrasions can create a pathway into our system.

Regular use of ODOR-AID will eliminate bacteria that create unwanted odours, leaving your equipment smelling fresh and safe to use.

Refresh. Renew. Santize.

  • Removes odour from sports gear
  • Kills athletes foot in footwear
  • Kills mildew in damp sports gear
  • Kills viruses in the gym
  • Refreshes, renews and santizes bags, gloves, footwear, clothing and equipment
  • Great for gloves, boots (footwear), headgear, padding, mats, equipment, bags, jerseys and more!

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